I started Internships Are Easy because I hated seeing interns wasting their time and their potential.

Just because you scored an internship doesn't mean you are set - far from it!

An internship is often your first step into the work-force and now you are competing with a bunch of other young-guns who all want the job as well! 

Internships are an awesome opportunity to find out about yourself and how good you can be - why waste it!?

Let's make you a super star intern

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Ricky Huang

Internship Enthusiast

Some people do sports and hang out with their friends during the summer, but not Ricky - he does internships.

He is a career intern who has done over 30 internships in his lifetime (give or take 25). 

He is also a recent university graduate working in an awesome company who is passionate about helping people do the same.