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My best advice for people who have a truly horrible manager is to leave your job and get another.

I cannot emphasise the importance of your own happiness and development you get out of your work - if you are having a terrible time, you aren't learning much, then you need to get the fwark out of your role.

But I get it... you are an intern. Sometimes to take that first step you gotta do some things you might not necesarily enjoy. Besides being able to cope with colleagues you may not necesarily like that much is kind of part of every career!

Still if you want to be a super star intern, if you learn to be okay with the horrible manager you have on your internship- you'll be killing it.

It's all about having a sense of appreciation - here are some reasons to be thankful you have a terrible boss:


1. Gives you more Grit

A horrible boss usually doesn't really know they suck. For example there will be times in your internships when you will stay behind really late. You don't actually know how it happens: its just like BAM wtf is 10pm why the fwark am I working on an excel sheet.

It's because you just got played son. Some managers set standards which are difficult for interns to live up to or even worse, leave you even more confused than before or refuse to help you and expect you to figure it out.

The way you allow yourself to be treated sets you up for how your boss can treat you.


2. Will teach you how to manage

It's different for everyone but the little things you observe form your manager which you disagree with can help you form your own opinions of what it means to be an effective manager.

Hate micromanaging? Don't do it when you are a manager.

Hated that your manager couldnt delegate or lead? Learn to be better.


3. Will help you identify if this industry is for you

Through your horrible boss, maybe you realized a certain career field just wasn’t right for you. At times, a person is a product of their industry. Your manager may have became the person they are due to imitating managers they have worked for and learnign their habits and traits.

SO what you should be asking yourself is this: If you work in this industry and eventually work up and into the role, is this what you want to be doing? 

Let that define your decisions.


4. Truly bad experiences shape you for the future

Whether it was through seminars, networking events or dealing with the absolute worst projects imaginable, your time at your internship was not wasted. In fact, it was well spent.

Going into your future careers and jobs your horrible manager just made you impervious to pain. You may have had to suffer through some horrible stuff. How bad can anyone else be?



Lastly, horrible managers are part of life. You have to be able to deal with it because they will happen whether you like it or not. Just like lining up at RTA to renew your greenslip or filling out your tax return - you gotta deal with!

Still though, I absolutely believe that a really great work experience is defined by the team culture and manager you have so make sure its a factor in every job you take.

If you really want to be a super star intern, and then a super star employee you better believe an amazing manager makes a difference.


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Ricky Huang

Written by Ricky Huang