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Even though I run a sick-ass internship blog, I admit it that I am not always the cool guy I want to be.

My friends (I swear I have some) can all attest that I often say things which can be highly questionable and socially innappropriate. 

But what if it didn't matter what I said anyway?

Did you know that a whopping 93% of communication is non-verbal? That means that only 7% of the communication we have on a daily basis is based on the words we choose at least in a physical setting.

This is HUGE.

93 is insane. That's 186 Soft Serve Cones from Maccas. Hell, It's higher than my accumulated marks I got in some courses during university. So why all the focus on words and verbal communication?

Clearly if you want to the bomb-diggity in the work place and be a super star intern, mastering body language should be at the key of your priorities. 

Body Language and Why it Matters to Interns: 


The above infographic was from Inc.com and demonstrates why it's not what you say, but what you don't say. 

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Ricky Huang

Written by Ricky Huang